We exist as a part of the communities we live in, and our health is a product of the health of these communities. Join ZamiNobla in engaging and improving communities and the lives of those who exist within them.

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Health and Wellbeing

Our overall health and wellbeing is made up of many facets, use this area to discuss issues related to mental, physical, sexual, and spiritual wellness.

Mental Health

Openly share and discuss mental health issues with other women, who have had similar experiences.

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Physical Health

Discuss within the Zami Nobla community the changes to our bodies during the aging process.

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Sexual Wellness

As women, sexual health is an important issue. Discuss your stories, experiences, and concerns.

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Spiritual Wellbeing

Occasionally an overlooked part of our health, discuss here how to care for your spirit.

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The aging process can affect us all in a number of ways. Share your thoughts, experiences, and concerns with other women.


Discuss the experience of aging with other women who have, are having, and will have similar experiences.

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End of Life

Share your thoughts, support, and wisdom on this important issue.

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We are individuals, not defined by our race, gender, or sexuality. But it is in these three things that we find our shared identity and our community.


I am black because I come
from the earth’s inside
Take my word for jewel in your open light.

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I have been woman
for a long time
beware my smile

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But I who am bound by my mirror
as well as my bed
see causes in color
as well as sex

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